Fairfield Road Planning Study

Improving safety. Easing traffic congestion.

The Fairfield Road Planning Study will identify near-term improvements to improve safety and ease traffic congestion on the Fairfield Road corridor in Lake County. The study will also plan for future investments that enhance economic opportunity, mobility, equity, and quality of life in the area. 

Study Area

The project study area follows Fairfield Road from north of Gilmer Road to Oakwood Drive, an approximately 5.5 mile segment.

Study Area Map for Fairfield Road Planning Study.
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Study Benefits

Segments along this heavily traveled corridor are at or near capacity, leading to high rates of crashes and traffic congestion. The study would help identify ways to:

Increase Safety


Reduce Congestion


Provide Connectivity


Consider Future Development Plans


Minimize Environmental Impacts



Schedule for Fairfield Road Planning Study. The study begins in Spring 2024 and will continue through Spring 2025.
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Community Outreach

The study team is committed to keeping the public informed as the study is conducted. As the study progresses, we will continue to prioritize the updating of study information and meeting announcements.

Attend a Public Meeting

Public meetings will be held in spring and fall of 2024.

View the Planning Study Process

Learn about the planning study process and what phase we are in currently.

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